Radix Community Creativity Challenge — $10,000 in awards to the top 10 contributors

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The Radix Community is excited to announce our first Radix Community Creativity Challenge! We know you love Radix, now it’s time to tell the world!

The goal of this challenge is to bring awareness to the growing Radix community and platform. Radix will launch on Uniswap on Nov17, and is building a vibrant community across the world.

The Contest

We’ve decided to reward the community by offering $10,000 in prizes to the top creative submissions. Submissions may include, but are not limited to:

  • memes, songs, paintings (digital or otherwise), videos, articles, infographics, websites, dashboards, or even a really creative Tweet…
  • really anything Radix-related that is positive and adds value to the community will be eligible. Please try to keep the tone somewhat professional 😉

There is NO limit to the amount of submissions you can make!

The contest is LIVE as of today and will run until Nov 16th.

To enter, follow @RadixDLT and @Radixcommunity on Twitter and post your submission with the hashtags #eXRD and #radixchallenge. If you don’t do all the above then your entry might get lost.

Submissions will be evaluated based on creativity and effort. Places 1–3 will be voted on by the community. Places 4–10 will be decided by Radix Community team and the community mods.


Prizes will be awarded in the form of unlocked eXRD to the top 10 submissions in the following manner:

1st: $3000 of eXRD
2nd: $2000 of eXRD
3rd: $1500 of eXRD
4th-10th: $500 of eXRD

That’s $10,000 dollars worth of eXRD!


To get your creative juices flowing, behold a Radish poem:

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We look forward to seeing all of the AWESOME submissions you Radishes come up with!

As always, we’d love for you to drop by our Telegram and Discord. Discuss the creativity challenge in our Discord, we have a special ‘Creativity Challenge’ channel there: Discord.


Radix Community

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